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As a child, when his peers were indulging in playground fads, Jason was elsewhere, in a self-induced creative exile. In the seclusion of the library, Jason transformed himself into somewhat of an odditie, placing the possibility of pencil and paper over pubescent play. Jason grew up in the capricious sublimity of a semi secluded superb of Auckland but as an only child he inherited a hermitic nature. This dueling duality can be seen in his wayward decision to swap Illustrator for a more tangible canvas, a mouse for a pensive brush, methodical design for introspective art. Despite many an adult cry that Graphic Design was a ‘suitable career path,’ Jason mutinied from linear progression and plunged with no direction into creative indirections. Jason’s wayward nature is also evident in his erratic approach to art, oscillating between tried and true techniques (push and pull with oil) to using whatever materials are at hand in a stream of unconsciousness. Jason is fascinated with outsiders, those that traverse the peripheries of praxis, with brush in hand he renders a space for the inbetween.